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Various Artists – Black Sunz Compilation Reviewby Spoton.Various Artists – Black Sunz Compilation Review“The Black Sunz Compilation delivers what fans want. A full blown, 24 track, 67 minute, and 23 second long album, featuring truly talented independent, underground artists from all across the globe, mainly Canada, and the United States. Such talented artists include Jugga, Anonymous Twist, Celph Titled, K-Smooth, C-Nice, Genuyne, Moka Only, The Goods, Paul the […]

Various Artists - Black Sunz Compilation“The Black Sunz Compilation delivers what fans want. A full blown, 24 track, 67 minute, and 23 second long album, featuring truly talented independent, underground artists from all across the globe, mainly Canada, and the United States. Such talented artists include Jugga, Anonymous Twist, Celph Titled, K-Smooth, C-Nice, Genuyne, Moka Only, The Goods, Paul the Apostle, Tachichi, DJ Moves, Sixtoo, Kotep Omegatron, Mind Bender, Knowself, Panic, Obe One, Spontaneous, Paul Mak, Sethro, T. Tack, Avernus X, Bird Apres, and more.

Earning tons of review highlights from various critics all across the globe, the Black Sunz Compilation is a proven bright spot. Take the advice of well respected critics, such as, TheGlobalMuse.Com, and more, and check this hot hip hop release out. You wont be disappointed.”

Disclaimer: This is our first release and hip hop compilation project under a child label, Redline Productions, therefore, we’ve mentioned review highlights from other sources. The only aspect of this review that is based on our humble opinion is the above caption, and the rating. We held no bias in our statements or regard of this hot hip hop release; however, we must disclose our involvement, anything less, would be improper.

—– Review Highlights for the Black Sunz Compilation ——

— Michael Allison — THEGLOBALMUSE.COM
“This compilation CD contains 24 tracks of some of Hip Hop’s up and coming. The music on this compilation contains several great songs and included a host of talented artists from around the hip hop scene. The setup of this CD is also very unique. Mixed with the great hip hop numbers, the CD also contains short 30 to 40 second tracks of some great beats, scratches, and samples from Anonymous Twist and Celph Titled that run throughout the contents of this CD. These shorts provide a resting point for the listener between the tracks and also adds to the allure of the music. The most notable song on the CD is ‘Episodic Melodies’ by The Goods. The songs on this CD have a great original flow and smooth rhythms and rhymes that keep the attention of the listener. This is very good hip hop and a great way to hear some of the best hip hop stars of the future.”


— Spine Magazine —
“Another unknown surprise here – the only artists I really recognised on this CD were Celph Titled, Moka Only and Spontaneous. But there’s around twenty full tracks here (and a few nice instrumental interludes as well) and a whole host of others who put in good work and make this CD one that any fan into the underground scene will appreciate. No ‘jiggy-ness’ or media-friendly joints here – this is the cream of the US and Canadian underworld united. ‘Upstairs’ by Moka Only carries on his strong reputation as one of the guys to watch over the next few months, backed up by a basic-but-effective beat concocted by DJ Moves. ‘Episodic Melodies’ by The Goods is dope – the main MC sounds very Blackalicious-like in his tone and delivery, and the lovely music will have you nodding your head for sure. But my favourite track here is definitely ‘Teenage Angst’ by Paul The Apostle, who tells a story of teenage life over a dark rhtym and a creepy vocal sample in the chorus. Excellent stuff.

Put together simply out of the love of hip-hop, this CD represents the future of independent hip-hop.”


— Get Real Music —
“I was pleasantly surprised to tear this little gem outta it’s plastic and drop it into the player. It’s packed full of Canadian artists from East to West who range in style and sound. The Redline Productions, Black Sunz Compilation comes nice, making any cheap-ass thankful they spent their hard borrowed cash on good music.

Throughout the compilation Anonymous Twist from Toronto cuts up some slick little interludes that keep the listener focused. Also, someone I’ve never heard of, Celph Titled, sprinkles some sweet little beats hither and dither which are totally well-produced, totally catchy, and fully rockable. I could see myself looking up this cat for some-more-a-dat. The beats and rhymes range from unoriginal amateurs to some definitely different refined flows. Notably Moka Only doing some crazy, annoyingly addictive freaky styles in, “What’s Going On Upstairs” and a sick line up of some of Canada’s finest on, “Reality of Birth”. Lastly, there are a couple of thought provokingly powerful beats at the end. Beautiful for some rainy day raps. I’ve already dubbed them for some headphone stimulation. I guess if I wasn’t such a cheap ass, I’d have a Discman by now, bumping the whole shit with me wherever I go.

All in all the Black Sunz Compilation has some worthwhile shit on it. If anything, supporting some Canadian folks working their asses off to get all of these artists together is worthwhile shit. They plan to keep on producing these too, which is dope considering there ain’t too many local mixes out there.”


— Steve ‘Flash Juon — Rap Reviews
“This compilation has a twist – it’s probably the first time a label has ever specifically tried to build a parity between American and Canadian artists together on one record. And when you first glance at the line-up for this album the shit looks hot: Celph Titled, Jugga (the Bully) and Tack-Fu among others – all respected in the underground.”

“Now the beats on these interludes are slamming because Celph always reps to the fullest behind the boards”

“Well-known underground hero Jugga (the Bully) represents nicely on “Atlantis” with a beat that really sounds aquatic while he tones down his normally menacing voice and flow to something just above a whisper – it’s an ill effect. “

“The solo track by Moka Only (the bio points out his crew was featured on Len’s “You Can’t Stop the Bumrush”) is an amusingly twisted ode to sexuality”

“It’s hard not to enjoy “Episodic Melodies” by Toronto’s own The Goods too – he’s pretty fly for a white guy.”


— Underground Sound —
“”Reality of Birth” – DJ Moves feat. Sixtoo, Kotep, Omegatron, Mindbender, and Knowself: This is a thrill for me, it’s the first time I’ve heard Psychology the Mindbender since SBU, one of my favourite albums. Moves’ spaced out beat includes dope drums, fresh woodwind arrangements, and low frequency thumps with your usual space-gun laser type sounds. Mindbender provides all my lyrical highlights. “On target/to grasp the listener who appreciates and has a fascination/to find the largest climax of my mind.” I love this guy!

“Upstairs” – Moka Only: Another fresh DJ Moves beat with a laid back tempo, fresh drum arrangement, basic bass riff and an odd sample that I still cannot decipher. Moka finds his place on this track exploiting the rhythm to the best of his abilities, and even does a Razhel impression for all you beatbox fans. Upstairs is simply about sex but it isn’t the lyrics, but the delivery, that make this track beautiful.

“Episodic Melodies” – The Goods: Gordski and Kunga219, one of Canada’s best groups, lays it down. The beat is super duper fresh, especially the radio-drama interlude. Kunga describes his journeys and creates a “oral painting of virtual soundscape”. In this episode, Kunga is pursuing 3 girls, in a desert. How? I don’t know. But, this journal of episodic melodies unfolds for all in a wonderful fashion.

“The Impaler” – Bird Apres: More dope drums from the master, DJ Moves. Bird Apres brings a vampire character to the Mic and brings some quotable lyrics, but nothing ultra-spectacular. Dope track from a dope pair.”


— Paul MateKovits — Hip Hop Infinity
“Redline Productions has brought together some of the finest emcees and producers with ties to the Internet– Tack Fu, Anonymous Twist, Jugga and Spon are all well known names to Hip Hop Infinity frequenters.”

“Swan Dive” is fortunately instrumental and the beat is incredibly dope”

“The previously released “Atlantis” has Jugga dropping punchlines over a dark beat. It’s a traditional battle song with a typical chorus, but Jugga’s charisma raises the quality of the song up a notch.”

“Double Helix’s Spontaneus’ “Underground Wordplay Wizardry” is quite similar in theme with “Atlantis”– it’s a punchline feast with a beat, that makes sure that Spon’s lyrical performance isn’t outshined.”

“The tightest joints on Black Sunz come from Canada. DJ Moves produced the sloppy “Upstairs,” with Moka Only doing his thing on the mic. At first, I didn’t know how to react to the weird lyricism, but a couple of listens helped me to adjust myself to Moka Only’s creative vocals.”

“Another DJ Moves produced gem is Paul the Apostle’s “Teenage Angst””

“The Goods’ “Episodic Melodies” is quite funky, I particularly like the switch-ups in the beat. The abstract narrative is nice, too.”


— The Groove Spot —
” “Supreme Being” by Anonymous Twist. REAL TIGHT!,”

“”Upstairs” by Moka Only has “Bonita Applebom” kind of feel and The Goods drops some nice rhymes on “Episodic Melodies”.”


— tadah the byk —
“A lot of lost games had to be endured by the Toronto Raptors, meaning a long time has passed since Anonymous Twist asked people to review his album, ’cause he just does not get any love in the T.O., he said. But with the reviews and the praise piling up, this kid just really made a name for himself, and so he rightfully gets the job of MC on this compilation. Wait a minute? MC? Yes, MC as in the good old fashioned meaning of ‘master of ceremony’, a dude that leads through the show, drops witty comments, and fills the gaps left open by unnatural transitions. Of course Anon’ does not actually talk, but he speaks through his beats. As he does on “Redline Anthem Remix”.”

“this tracks works as a scratch enhanced Beat Mix Intro. The flavor does shift to the left side, as DJ Moves “Reality Of Birth” is building around a beat that’s like breathing superficially. But that superficiality also makes it sound maniacally, even though it does not scream or ask for straight jacket restraints. What gets us to the lyrics, and the featured artists: Sixtoo, Kotep, Omegatron, Mind Bender and Knowself. They of course take us through space webs and back,”

“A little confusing is the next cut by Jugga. His “Atlantis” is spit in a westcoast gangsta rap resembling vocal tone, confirmed by the hook, while the content is by far not centering around trunks, rolling, whut whut and bling bling. The beat sprinkles like water drops using stones in the stream as trampolines.”

“Moka Only might also make you smile with his “Upstairs”, although we can’t be sure if he actually intends to do that. This track needs a little time to grow on you, with it’s slow rolling self, and Moka’s sentence talking, but after a while, you enjoy it carry you away, taking you upstairs and do things with you.”

“The transition to “Darkened Midst (Interlude)” is a little harsh, as this Anonymous Twist offering is too dark and dramatic for its own good. What takes us to another sure shot hit on this compilation: The Goods’ “Episodic Melodies”. Tight.”

“Also tight is Cleph’s next interlude: “Eye”. Of course the female voice is a little annoying, but the hopping beat gets the thump up.”

“What can also be said about Celph’s “Sunday Morning”, if your Sunday morning contains happily pacing forward, looking left and right with a laughter shaking your body. Well, that’s probably not part of Paul The Apostle’s reality, as he opts for a dark DJ Moves beat for his “Teenage Angst”, that again, we got a theme here fellas, lives up to the title, with a eloquently worked out story line, what grants this track here the status of being another highlight.”

“Anon’s “Rocken Beatz”, we cross over to Tachichi and DJ Moves’ “Adjust Your Mental”. Now as we all know, their album was a banger, and these two continue to do what made their record so nice, with a cow belly beat and more of Tachichi’s tales. What takes us closer to the wrap up of this compilation, but first Bird Apres give us a tight “The Impaler””


— Rakeda Ervin – Manhunt.Com ( ) —
“Having released a previous independent song Hostile Takeover, Jugga comes strong with Atlantis on this compilation. The track supports his unique style of delivery. Like many lyricists, Jugga speaks of the area that he’s from in the hook. The song is one of the stronger cuts on the cd.”

“True MC is also a strong track featuring 3 emcees, K-Smooth, C-Nice, and Genuyne. All display skillz in the deliveries on this cut.”

“Upstairs by Moko Only begins with a phone conversation. The lyricist then goes on to talk about various subject matter. The emcee”s style of rhyme along with the laid back trackmay encourage the listener to focus on the actual lyrics and not so much the music. Moka Only has opened for many act such as the Alkaholiks, Kool Keith, Souls of Mischief, Funkdoobiest, and the list goes on.”

“Dominate by Ode One begins with a “Check Out My Melody” by Eric B and Rakim feel to it. This song is a head bobbin track that comes midway though this compilation.”

“Quiet Types by Paul Mak is a dark underground song with a mid-tempo track that works well with the lyrics.”

“The Black Sunz Cimpilation continues on with Underground wordplay which is dark like the song Quiet Types. Next song, Honorable Mentions, is a feel good sounding track which tells a story about a guy’s relationship with a female. Sethro illustrates a picture in his storytelling. Adjust Your Mental takes us back to the scratching that the compilation introduces. The lyrics come in later on this one. The song has an old school feel to it with the scratching sound. The Impaler by Bird Apres is the final song on the Black Sunz Compilation. Both the track and the lyrics are creative, featuring various sounds. The cd ends with Swan Drive and the original version of Redline Anthem which kicked off the cd with a remixed version.”

“The lyrical skills of the emcees featured on Redline Productions Black Sunz is impressive. Breaking up the different songs are interludes. Listeners may wish that the interludes were longer. They all have good sounding mini-tracks. This impressive debut is a must have for all underground heads and emcees!”

—– Album Roster for the Black Sunz Compilation ————

# Track /Title /Artist

  • 1 Redline Anthem Remix Anonymous Twist
  • 2 Reality of Birth DJ Moves, Sixtoo, Kotep Omegatron, Mind Bender, Knowself
  • 3 Respect Retro Celph Titled
  • 4 Atlantis Jugga
  • 5 Supreme Being Anonymous Twist
  • 6 True Emcee K-Smooth, C-Nice, Genuyne
  • 7 A Walk through the Avery Celph Titled
  • 8 Upstairs Moka Only
  • 9 Darkened Midst Anonymous Twist
  • 10 Episodic Melodies The Goods
  • 11 Eye Celph Titled
  • 12 Introduction to the Century Panic
  • 13 Dominate Obe One
  • 14 Induced Thoughts Anonymous Twist
  • 15 Quite Types Paul Mak
  • 16 Underground Wordplay Wizardry Spontaneous
  • 17 Sunday Morning Celph Titled
  • 18 Teenage Angst Paul the Apostle
  • 19 Honorable Mentions Sethro
  • 20 Rocken Beatz Anonymous Twist
  • 21 Adjust Your Mental Tachichi, Moves
  • 22 The Impaler Bird Apres
  • 23 Swan Dive T. Tack, Genuyne
  • 24 Redline Anthem – Original Version Avernus X

24 tracks, 67 minutes, and 23 seconds of non stop, ill hip hop.

Reviewed By Various Organizations

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