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General Overview 
In order to heighten your experience as a user of this website we give you the opportunity to provide us with certain information about yourself which helps us to customize this website to suit your needs, tastes, and preferences. Having our users feel comfortable about using our website is of importance to us. Also by providing information about yourself to this website ( ) you are providing your information to HipHopHotSpot.Com as a whole, as HipHopHotSpot.Com is the owner of this site, as well as a vast network of online sites which offer users free, as well as commercially valued services. In some events HipHopHotSpot.Com may use some of the information you provide to this website to offer you valued services in which you will never have any obligation to use; however, if you object to receiving this added benefit you have the right to contact us and remove yourself from ever receiving this specified benefit again. Please read the following policy thoroughly to fully understand how your information will be treated as you make any applied use of this website. This policy may change from time to time so please check back periodically.

Information We Collect 
Throughout the different sections and user information prompts of this Internet site HipHopHotSpot.Com provides users with the opportunity to provide information. We encourage our users to provide us with as much information as they feel comfortable with as it helps us to heighten the visitor experience so it becomes beneficial to the highest degree attainable. Some of the types of information we collect through this website are names, business names, contact information, shipping addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, website names, website urls, site statistics. Any information prompt throughout this website is a potential collector of your information, and your information may be stored with us if you submit to us information you provide throughout this website. For example, we collect shipping information from you so that we are able to effectively ship your order, we then store your information on file for our own internal records. This information may be analyzed one day to determine where the majority of our sales are coming from, or to determine like conclusions. At times we also may provide our users with behind the scene visitor ID’s, and, or cookies so we that we can track certain visitor statistics that will help us to determine what areas of our site need to be improved.

Information Potentially Collected By Other Sources 
Any links appearing throughout this website may allow the off-site website to collect personally identifiable information about you when you access their website by clicking on their links on this site. Other websites we link throughout this site are not necessarily organizations, or websites we have affiliations with, or support in any way shape, or form. HipHopHotSpot.Com cannot control the actions of others, nor can we dictate to them what information they are allowed to collect from you; therefore, we are not liable for their actions nor does our Privacy Policy support or cover the practices of the individuals who operate those websites.

Implimentation Of Changes 
HipHopHotSpot.Com reserves the right to periodically make changes to this Privacy Policy. Any future changes to this Privacy Policy will be made directly to this webpage. Please review this webpage periodically so that you fully understand the expectation of privacy you have as a user of this website, and from that, you can decide whether or not you wish to continue to use this website in the future.

Your Consent 
Whether or not you’re a frequent user of this website, by using it you consent to the collection, and use of the information you provide in your sessions as outlined in this Privacy Policy.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy please contact:

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