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IFO (Identified Flowing Objects) Interviewby Spoton.IFO (Identified Flowing Objects) InterviewWhat’s the science behind your name? Or Is there any? **IFO stands for Identified Flowing Objects. We kinda feel alienated as far as our music because when we do music, it’s for us mainly, and we love it, but we don’t know exactly what the rest of the people think cause we see things diffently […]

What’s the science behind your name? Or Is there any?

**IFO stands for Identified Flowing Objects. We kinda
feel alienated as far as our music because when we do
music, it’s for us mainly, and we love it, but we
don’t know exactly what the rest of the people think
cause we see things diffently than most. What we find
funny, some people find annoying, repulsive, mean,

What do you think of Mainstream Hip Hop?

**For the main part, a lot of it is garbage. But I
don’t dislike it. To make it mainstream, a lot of time
you have to appeal to the clubs. I hate clubs, can’t
stand them. But a good song is a good song and talent
can exist in any music genre.

How was your upbringing?

**I went to a basically all white school. The only kid
who didn’t listen to white snake or motley crue. I
used to listen to 2 Live Crew, NWA, and stuff like
that. As far as at home, I didn’t like having a lot of
friends, still don’t. Mom and Dad were strict when
necessary, but cool as hell now that I look back. I
got hit a lot but I’ll be damned if i didn’t deserve

What inspired you to become a hip hop artist?

**To be honest, I really don’t know. Art was always an
outlet for me. I used to draw a lot, I guess it just
evolved into writing. I have too much crazy stuff
going on in my head, I have to set it free before it
causes conflicts up there. My brother, I’m sure, had a
lot to do with it, he used to buy every CD that came
out on the day it came out and I used to make fun of
him. I even made fun of him when he got a CD player
telling him they aren’t worth it. But music eventually
overtook me.

What other hip hop groups do you listen to?

**Jedi Mind Tricks, Eminem,Word A Mouth, older
Wu-Tang, Black Knights, Army of the Pharoahs, Swollen
Members and some local people I know, Matlock, Qwel of
Typical Cats

How would you describe your music?

**Funny, hardcore, vulgar, dark, slept-on, battle, you
have to let go to reality and let our music take over
sometimes, cause sometimes we do some out of the norm

How would you describe yourself?

**I like to make people laugh, it comes across on some
of our songs. Also self-reliant, that’s why we do our
beats, design our own cds and website, even though
it’s not all that sometimes. A sick fuck who was
raised on a diet of garbage pail kids and andrew dice

What are your future musical plans? Do you have any projects coming up?

**We finished Previously Unreleased Shit around X-mas
time but that is an unofficial release, it is meant as
something to hold over our fans, all 4 of em, until we
finish our next album. It’s unofficial cause most
tracks are jacked beats, and there are a few original
beats and 2 radio appearances. Our next release is
something that Wepon and I are dying to release. All
of the beats are our own. We might have one done by a
Canadian friend who liked our first release. It’s
going to be called Return of the JedIFO. There is no
release date because I work a lot and Wepon just
started school and we hate pushing back dates. After
that release I might do a solo EP, something a little
different, more serious, more personal.

Out of the songs you’ve created, what is your personal favorite, and why?

**Damn it’s hard to pick one. I like Cannibalism. I
loved the beat Wepon did and it is battle, but it has
a concept. Plus we did a corny video for it. Another
favorite is our Dead Wrong remix and Crippled Gimp.

Where can fans listen to some of your music?

**They can hear our newer stuff at mp3.com/ifo. For
older stuff either at www.hiphopinfinity.com or
www.ugsmag.com. We also have our own site at
www.ifo.cjb.net but I don’t know if the audio works.

Have you ever rocked events, if so, what was your favorite event you rocked?

**We haven’t done any shows yet for a few reasons:

  • a)We didn’t promote ourselves hardly at all around here.
  • b)We like Landing Site, but we’re not in the same mind state right now that we were back then when we made it. So we really do want to rock those songs.
  • c) We can’t rock most of the songs on Previously because they are jacked beats. That’s why we are anticipating our next one so much because we are giving it our all on it, and it’s all coming from us.

How long have you been rhyming? How do you see hip hop, and you?
Do you see Hip Hop as a religion, art, culture, a career, job, or just a hobby?

**I’ve been rhyming for 5 years, give or take a year,
I didn’t pay attention, but only seriously for like 3
and a half. But I was writing a few years before that.
I don’t know how I see hiphop or how to see hiphop.
You have kids who say you have to wear baggy jeans and
a backpack. Some kids HAVE to be hiphop, and you can
tell, and some try too hard. I know some kids out here
who are widley known, that try too hard, that I want
to run over, but I don’t want to give names yet. So
many people claim to be hiphop and some are just
morons. Plus hiphop seems to be a product nowadays,
that people market and sell. I basically say I do
hiphop music and just worry about being Bermuda
Triangle that wears what he wants, and talks like he
wants to.

Do you have any hip hop quotables that you live by?
Any song lyrics ever touched you?

**I can’t think of any really, most, not all, of the
stuff I listen to has any real meaning, or I haven’t
picked it up yet. I have the strongest reaction to
basically incredible punchlines and delivery. Like
when i first heard Ikon’s verse in 5 perfect
Exertions, I damn near shit in my pants. Same thing
when I heard Madchild in Strength.

How did your project, Experi-Mental turn out? Tell us about the project.

Tell us about The Landing Sight, and what fans can
expect to get out of it.

**Landing Site was our first release as a group back
in early ’98. It was just supposed to be a single
collaboration with Wepon, PANIC back then, but the
chemistry was there so we formed the group and did a
whole album. TomK was our producer, same guy who did
Experi-Mental. People can expect uncut diamonds on
that album. It was my first project so I had my rookie
mistakes, Wepon came tight. We got pretty good
feedback from that album. It has topics and beats you
wouldn’t expect on it. But our new stuff has a sort of
different feeling because we started discovering the
underground after we made that, which is why it has
been so long since we released anything.

What is the concept behind Landing Sight, and how
would you describe most of the music featured on this album?
**Landing Site meant that IFO landed, we are here now.
Kinda like invasions of the body snatchers. We came to
do damage. Those songs are meant to provoke fear for
the most part,except for BITCH, which was done for a
girl, which I regret. But on the new album I have
redone that song and made it BITCH the redemption
version. Much better. The music is dark and hard for
the most part, talking about the kind of hiphop we
hate, people we hate, ripping off bosy parts,
molecules, etc.

Did the album exceed or drop below your expectations?
**Back then we were rookies, we thought we were the
shit, we thought we were going to get signed and all
of that stuff. But I think we did really well. It
didn’t drop below my expectations at all.

Where can fans purchase a copy of the album online? Or can they? I know we’ve been trying to get a copy of this album, where can we get, and fans get a hook up?
**There are two sites to get the album:
www.hiphopinfinity.com and www.ugsmag.com, they might
have some left. IFO is different, we don’t care about
making money, we just want people to hear what we feel
is our best, so we stopped distributing and selling
Landing Site. For now we will be selling Previously
until Return of the JedIFO comes out. I can send you
Landing Site cause we have a good rapport.

How has HipHopInfinity helped IFO bring their music to fans all across the globe. We noticed you were featured on a compilation project they did, how did that turn out?
And where can fans pick up the compilation?

**We have been with Hiphop Infinity since near the
beginning. Wepon had his Experi-Mental up there when
it was Jay Seagraves.com or something like that. We
like them. We don’t like too many people. They got us
started as far as exposure. Most of our exposure is
from the net. I’m not sure how that compilation sold,
but it had some pretty good tracks on it. I don’t know
but I think Hiphop Infinity still has the compilation,
it’s calle Music From the C-Horizon.

This question is for Bermuda, tell us about Norman
Bates, Davinci , and KIP.

**Those three guys are all me. They each represent
part of the human personality make-up according to
Sigmund Freud, the id, ego, and super ego. The id is
our animal instinct that strives on sex and violence.
Some poeple control it better than others, but it’s
what draws us to porn and Ultimate Fighting
Championships. That’s Norman Bates. The ego is more or
less our physical self or being, the person. This is
Davinci. Last is the super ego, this is almost like
our conscience, it guides the ego. If our ego is a
horse the super ego is the guy on riding it telling it
where to go. That’s KIP, which stands for knowledge is
power. My primary intentions were to have one person
on a song at a time, but as i was writing, it was hard
because I can’t be one at a time, it was a mixture of
all, different combinations at different times, but
always a mixture, so I decided rather than go by the
three different names I’ll just fuse them and become
the Bermuda Triangle. And it’s been that way ever

Tell us about your website? Where is it? What does it offer fans?

**Our website is www.ifo.cjb.net, I wanto to get a
.com address cause spaceports.com puts too many
banners on my shit slowing it down. But it offers some
exlcusive stuff, that’s where we got our material for
previously unreleased shit. I am trying to get people
that I know some space and exposure on there too. You
can usually get our latest news but i haven’t updated
it since there is nothing to update for now. Plus it
offers links to where you can get our stuff. Which
reminds me i still have to put you guys up there. I
want to redo the look and add our reviews.

Are there any last words you would like to make?

**Return of the JedIFO will complete our Trilogy. If
we make another album depends on the reaction we get
on this one. Like I said I want to do a solo still.
But I will at least be making beats for other groups,
so anyone intersted can email me. enterld@yahoo.com
Just look for the album. Give feedback. Make music for
yourself, if people like it, good, if not, make
another cd. Last but not least, Christina Aguilera is
a bitch, but I’d bang her hard.

Do you have any shot outs you would like make?

Shout outs to AMC and Foster for playing our shit at
WNUR, you can hear the show, thurs nights 11-2 chicago
time, at www.wnur.org. Also shouts to Hiphop Infinity,
Underground Sound Magazine(ugsmag.com), Redline, and
anyone else who supports IFO. Peace.

Interview By HipHopHotSpot.Com

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